UCSB AS Finance Board

UC Santa Barbara Associated Students Finance and Business Committee is dedicated to managing the allocation of student fees to support campus activities. The Committee plays a crucial role in empowering student organizations by providing the necessary financial resources to host programs, events, and other initiatives. For our Formula SAE team, their support has been instrumental in securing funding that aids in the development and execution of our project.


UC Santa Barbara's Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URCA) is an initiative designed to enrich the academic journey of undergraduates through engagement in research and creative pursuits. This season, URCA has supported our Formula SAE team with monetary funding derived from our research projects aimed at enhancing our race car's performance. This financial assistance not only fuels our innovative developments but also aligns with URCA’s mission to prepare students for future challenges by applying their academic knowledge in practical, real-world scenarios.


SingleStore is a premier provider of scalable, high-speed database management systems known for their ability to support real-time analytics and operational intelligence. Our Formula SAE team has been granted access to SingleStore's software, allowing us to efficiently process and analyze data collected from our race car. Singlestore's software has proven essential in optimizing our vehicle's performance, demonstrating the power of advanced data management in a competitive engineering environment.


Tesla, is at the forefront of electric vehicle and clean energy solutions. Renowned for advancing sustainable energy, Tesla produces electric vehicles, battery storage, and solar products aimed at reducing global dependence on fossil fuels. Tesla has significantly boosted our Formula SAE team's efforts by providing state-of-the-art battery cells for our car. These high-quality cells enhance both the performance and reliability of our vehicle, allowing us to compete effectively.


Cadence Design Systems is a leading provider in electronic design automation, renowned for its software, hardware, and intellectual property. These tools are crucial for designing, simulating, and verifying the complex electronic systems in our race car, including sensor networks, power control systems, and onboard diagnostics. Access to Cadence’s sophisticated software not only accelerates our design process but also enhances precision and innovation, significantly boosting our engineering capabilities and competitive edge in collegiate racing.

FireFly Aerospace

Firefly Aerospace is an innovative aerospace firm focused on providing economical and dependable launch vehicles, spacecraft, and in-space services. This season, our Formula SAE team was fortunate to receive a donation of prepreg carbon fiber from Firefly Aerospace. This high-quality material is crucial for constructing lightweight, high-strength components for our race car, significantly enhancing its structural integrity and performance. Firefly Aerospace's support not only aids in the development of our vehicle but also provides us with valuable experience in utilizing advanced materials used in the aerospace industry.

Hesse Mechatronics

Hesse Mechatronics is a leading provider of high-precision wire bonding equipment and technology, essential for microelectronic assembly. Our Formula SAE team has continuously benefited from Hesse Mechatronics' support through the donation of wire bonds and batteries. These components are critical for ensuring reliable electrical connections and power management in our race car. The provision of these high-quality materials has allowed us to enhance the durability and efficiency of our vehicle's electronic systems, crucial for maintaining performance in competitive racing environments.


Ansys is a global leader in engineering simulation software, crucial for optimizing product designs and improving manufacturing processes. Our Formula SAE team has been equipped with Ansys software, enabling advanced simulations of our race car's structural, thermal, and fluid dynamics. This powerful tool helps refine our designs for enhanced performance and safety, directly contributing to our competitive success in collegiate racing. Ansys's support is instrumental in fostering practical engineering skills among our team members.



ITT Inc. is a global manufacturer known for its diversified high-technology engineering solutions. This season, ITT has enhanced our Formula SAE team's capabilities by granting us access to their industrial-grade oven. This equipment has been invaluable for curing composite materials used in constructing our race car, ensuring optimal strength and lightweight properties. Access to ITT's oven has enabled precise control over our fabrication processes, improving the quality and durability of our vehicle components.

Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab is a cutting-edge company specializing in 3D printing technology. This season, they generously provided our Formula SAE team with free 3D printing products. These resources have been pivotal in rapidly prototyping parts for o ur race car, allowing for quick iterations and enhancements. Bambu Lab's support has significantly boosted our design and testing capabilities, helping us stay agile and innovative in the dynamic environment of collegiate racing.


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We'd love to have you as a sponsor! Whether it is fueling us with pizza, supplying us with materials, or just throwing some cash our way, your donations are crucial to making this all possible! If you want to learn more about some of the benefits in sponsoring our team, please check out our sponsorship packet below.